Tuesday, 19 May 2009

50 / 50!

DELEGATION: HafiCF, AbgCF & Zimin Pudak with CF Guest -Sharif Abdullah Al Qadrie (Balikpapan, Kalimantan) & Habib Muhammad Assegaf (Tawau, Sabah)
REEL: Viking vi3000, Viking vi5000 + Kerikan ROD:Eupro Hammer & Shino Dog Tooth
CATCH: Kerapu, Bekalang (catch & release: numerous ketambak & Kerapu – below 200g)
BAIT: Udang 8 / Tamban
ROUTE: Pengkalan Si Babau – Pudak – Cermin Fuel Station – Pulau Keingaran – Muara harbor - Serasa Port – Pudak – Pulau Keingaran – Pancang 29 – Pancang 28 – Pangkalan Si Babau

1. May 16, 2009 at 2225 hrs Lightning with stormy heavy rain + wind hit us at Muara harbor
2. Rushed to nearest shelter i.e. under the Royal Brunei Navy Jetty/Refit at 2230 hrs until 0200 hrs
3. Sandwiched by pillar BG 50 & BF 50! our boat managed to dock! Eventhough the wind & wave still dancing brutally!
4. May 17, 2009 at 0205 hrs speed off to Serasa Port - Lets Fish!
5. At 0300 hrs our boat overshot! Low tide in the middle of the sea.. againnnnn! Our second "stuck on you" but this time with total darkness scenario. Our previous "stuckkk on youuuu" situation was April 26, 2009 around 1800 hrs
6. Entering Pulau Keingaran route at 0315 hrs, CF Boat run out of fuel! Fortunately, our storage coped to feed our baby.. Off to Pudak for Subuh solat & Zzzzzz at our 'good-friend hut'
7. By 0945 hrs, Lets Fish! Cruise to Pulau Keingaran - Pancang 29 (Kerapu & Langguran) - Pancang 28 (Bedukang 2.5kg hahahahew). Numerous fish caught below 200gm i.e Ketambak + Kerapu - catch & release
8. Hope our guests had fine experience with CroxFiber & Negara Brunei Darussalam's sea development... [more images at http://cflounge.blogspot.com]


  1. It looks like your guests had all the fun.. are there more guest coming??? I hope one day it will be me... hehehe by the way.. where is AzimCF? Did he went that night???

  2. Fun & thrill!
    Azim was on MC that day. I think he had a good rest that night at our friend's hut. :) Still sleeping when we arrive there.

  3. Hello!!!! Yes.... Im here.. I didn't go that day during the 50 / 50 trip... I was sad myself, failed to entertain the CF guests... I was sick (terrible flu)... It's getting better now and i'm ready for new actions for the upcoming posts... I'll be concentrating CF 1 and CF 2... well done Abg and Hafi CF, zimin... You guys did well.... Objective achieved

  4. xpdc of 50/50 was knowledgeable.. teamwork was priority! arigato

  5. haha.. Glad to have everyone on board on CF...s mny things to learn and seeee!!!!!!!!!!